Majority of the businesses today make use of video content to promote their product or service. Not only video content adds value to the customer, but helps to boost the engagement rate as well. Though English is generally used as the medium of communication for videos, it is not enough for businesses that target a global clientele.

If your business is targeting the Filipino population, then it becomes necessary for the video content to be translated to Tagalog. It is one of the major languages spoken by Filipinos. It is greatly advantageous for business if the content has Tagalog audio than subtitling. Here are the three major reasons why it makes sense for the audio to be translated to Tagalog.

Establishes Brand Connection 

A majority of Filipinos indeed understand English well. However, it is their second language. When your brand message or explainer videos talk in their native language, it connects to them quickly. Any individual will feel more confident to communicate in their native language. Hence you can expect a better engagement rate for your videos when it speaks their native language.

Beat The Competition

There is no doubt that localization helps to connect with your audience deeply. The audience will get a better grasp of your brand message, features, and other specifications which will prompt them to take action. If done right, audio translation for the marketing videos can help you beat the competition from the local market as well. The language barrier is one of the major factors that stop brands from widening their market reach. With the help of audio translation experts, brands can overcome linguistic challenges and grow their businesses.

Reach To A Non-English Speaking Population

Well, not everyone in the Philippines understands and speaks English well. A good part of the population is not comfortable with English. By translating the audio of video commercials to Tagalog, your brand will reach a larger group of people. As the message is communicated, they will more likely get attracted to your brand. If you can get the accent, dialect, and tone of the audio right, you improve the chance of gaining business success in the Filippino market.

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