About Us

Founded in 1993, SPG Studios has built a reputation as a leading full-service audio-post production and localization studio. SPG now serves a variety of industries, and is a trusted provider to entertainment leaders, streaming platforms, video game production agencies, brands and corporations around the globe.

Our goal is to connect your content with global audiences as though it was never translated. We achieve this by working with native translators and a team of creatives that match the original sound with the new. By only hiring the best voice talent, we bring the right sound to your content and your new audience.

Content for a global audience

We are passionate about being part of the process that surpasses cultural barriers.  With world-class voiceover actors in supporting languages, we can ensure your content will reach its full potential by expanding to new audiences around the world.  Our extensive experience in translation and localization allows us to work with innovative brands and industries. Let’s connect people through your content, in their language.

Sound that tells a story

We believe that great stories deserve great sound. No matter the size of a project, our audio team is here to help. SPG focuses on the quality and turn-around of our audio post services, cutting no corners in the process. Furthermore, we stop at nothing to provide the sound that makes your project thrive. Our team of talented audio specialists and sound engineers combined with the our recording studio and technology, allows us to produce award-winning work. For union shoots, please visit Signature Post.

Our Clients

For three decades, we’ve worked with the world’s leading entertainment studios, streaming platforms, multimedia and smaller enterprises.  Our mission is to help our clients share their content with wider audiences and maximize the value of their content. Armed with a team of passionate translators, creatives, and project managers, we make every one of our client’s content sound the way it should. Authentic to any audience. 

As a top localization company, we are have successfully provided our world-class translation and sound post services to our roster of clients. Some of our clients include HBO, PlayStation, JPMorgan, Disney, Carnival, Universal and Warner Brothers.  You can rely on us for quality when you need to go global.  

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