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Our goal is to connect your content with global audiences as though it was never translated. We achieve this by working with native translators and a team of creatives that match the original sound with the new. By only working with the best voiceover talents and localization experts, we bring the right sound to your content and target market.

For over 30 years, SPG Studios has built a reputation as a leading full-service audio post-production and localization studio. We now serve a variety of industries and are a trusted provider to entertainment leaders, streaming platforms, video game production agencies, brands, and corporations around the globe.


Our values

Our long-standing industry experience and a team of experts drive our success. We believe that great stories deserve to be heard. At SPG, we apply our values to every project, ensuring the best quality and turnaround time, never cutting corners in the process.

For over 30 years, SPG Studios has been a leader in the localization and audio post industry. This is attributed to the quality and consistency of our work. Delivering consistent quality, project after project and across languages is the reason why we’ve been trusted by clients like HBO to localize their most popular shows. Our mission is to help our clients’ content resonate with their target audiences in a truly authentic way like it was never localized in the first place.

Having happy and satisfied clients is the goal of any company aspiring to be successful. Over our 30 years in the localization and audio post industry, clients have trusted us with their content. As a result, we’ve cultivated long-term relationships with clients globally. How did we achieve that? First, by listening to our clients to understand their goals and by answering any questions or concerns. Second, by guiding them through the entire process from selecting the best localization option for their content to the deliverables that will fit their goals. Third, by making sure we meet and exceed their expectations each time.

We believe that one of the main reasons our clients have put their trust in us over the last 30 years is because they know they can rely on us. No matter the project, big or small, we always deliver on time, within budget, and exceed expectations. Our localization experts are just a phone call away. We engage with clients before a project is launched to iron out any details or answer additional questions and keep in contact throughout the entire process. We value client feedback and always discuss how the production went. This open dialog is the reason why we’ve been able to cultivate long-term relationships with our clients, and constantly improve.

We know that for a lot of our clients, the difficulty in finding a localization provider they can really trust doesn’t stop at the quality we can deliver, the quick turnaround times, or our customer service. They also need to know they can depend on us to keep their content safe while we are localizing it. Our dedication to the security and privacy of our clients’ content is another element that makes SPG Studios stand out in the localization and audio post industry. We’ve developed proprietary tools and production protocols to guarantee your content is safe and secure during each step of the localization process.

Voice Over

Why choose SPG Studios?

Our extensive experience in content localization and audio post-production allows us to work with innovative brands and industries. We believe that your content should be heard in the best quality, for any audience. What separates us from the rest?

highest quality localization

Providing the highest-quality localization and audio post services for over 30 years.

Quick turnaround times

Quick turnaround times, transparent pricing, and dedicated customer support.

localization experts

Offices and partners around the world, and a diverse global team of localization experts.

audio post services

Tailored and customizable services that showcase your unique content.

Translated by native speakers

50+ languages to choose from. Always translated by native speakers.

recording studios worldwide

Owned recording studios worldwide and a large roster of voice actors to choose from.

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