Audio Post-Production

SPG Studios is a leading global audio post-production vendor. We mix and master projects that transform the sound of content to the finest audio quality it can be. As a result, we are trusted with a range of innovative industries; from entertainment to video games, brands and more.

Our sound post services include mixing, sound design, editorial, ADR services, to name a few.  In addition to our services, our unrivaled tools and technology accommodate all audio post projects. Moreover, our voiceover and ADR studios are staffed with our talented and creative engineers, who deliver sound post services aligned with each project’s workflow. 

SPG Studios audio post production studio is here to take your project to the next level. 

Sound Mixing

We have mixed original language and localized content for decades, in every format from stereo to Dolby Atmos.  We optimize the blend of dialog, music, and effects to make your project sound as good as it possibly can. It all boils down to talent and tools, and we have both! The combination of our highly experienced sound mixers behind the console, and state-of-the-art facilities and equipment make our audio mixing world-class. 

Sound Supervision

Our experienced sound supervisors work around the clock to ensure our clients receive tailored audio services. Above all, we focus on content, assemble the creative team and give them strong direction to create an integrated “sonic personality”, which keeps viewers engaged and immersed in your story.

Dialog Editorial

Dialog is the center and soul of a story. Above all, it is the foundation of your project.  With a combination of sophisticated software tools, time-honed techniques, and good old-fashioned patience, our award-winning dialog editors maximize the clarity and “punch” of your narrative.

Sound Design and SFX editorial

Sound design is one of the most purely creative roles in audio post production that makes projects unique.  For example, when you hear the clang of a sword, the echo of a room, or the beeps of a futuristic computer, you are transcended to another world. Custom sound design creates a unique soundscape for content.  Consequently, audiences become immersed in the world they’re watching. Our sound designers and editors have decades of collective experience working with creators to fulfill their artistic vision and make content truly unique.

ADR and Voice-Over

SPG’s brand new ADR recording and control rooms were designed for comfort and performance. We have a wide variety of microphones and booms/rigging to recreate the production sound environment. And, our automated streamer tools and production software will maximize the productivity and quality of your studio time. Acoustically and aesthetically, our voice recording is unparalleled.

Audio Restoration

Our skilled engineers have spent their entire working lives battling imperfections like hiss, crackle, background noise, wow and flutter! Using a combination of dedicated digital processing units and audio workstations, SPG can remove and/or retouch the smallest of anomalies with little to no artifacts.

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