Media Processing

SPG Studios Media processing and distribution services can tackle virtually any media format and delivery spec, so your content passes QC and is ready to broadcast or for distribution. Our Media Processing Services include digital asset management, Audio Mastering, DCP and more.  See our full list below: 

Digital Asset Management 

We safely ingest clients’ physical or digital content libraries into our media asset management system. Assets are logged into our database with options for searchable metadata editing, which generates increased value in stock footage sales or content re-purposing. Preservation and archival formatting options are available to extend the life of older assets.

Closed Captioning Conform

We can work with clients’ existing Closed Captioning files or subtitles and make them match the platform specifications clients choose to release.

Broadcast Standardization

We can create your Digital Cinema Packages (DCP) for theatrical distribution with encrypted or unencrypted keys (KDM/DKDM), and archive master deliverables (DSM and DCDM). We can also encode and decode all video content.


Our encoding team can achieve the highest quality offline file-based deliverables creation to match industry standards.

Audio Mastering

We have the latest forensics audio tools for audio restoration, format conversion, file migration, loudness standardization, and Up Mix/Down Mix.

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