Indonesia is the largest Southeast Asian country which includes more than 17500 islands. It is the largest country in the world that consists of islands only. It is also the fourth most populous country in the world with a population of 271 million people. When you think of localizing content to the Indonesian market, there are multiple languages to consider. However, Bahasa remains one of the most popular Indonesian languages.

Bahasa Indonesian

Bahasa Indonesian belongs to the Austronesian language family. It is a variety of Malay with a standardized dialect. The language has multiple variations depending on the region in which it is spoken.

Though people in Indonesia are generally multi-lingual and speak different languages, Bahasa Indonesian is considered the official language for communication. From formal education to the judiciary, administration to mass media, Bahasa Indonesia is used in the country. It is the most popular language in the country’s literature as well as popular culture. Most of the foreign programs and marketing content are dubbed or subtitled in the Bahasa language.

Apart from Indonesia, you can find Bahasa speakers in Hong Kong, Singapore, and the Netherlands. Due to colonialism and globalization, there are thousands of Bahasa speakers in other countries as well.

Benefits of Bahasa Localization

  • Growing Economy – Indonesia is one of the fastest-growing Asian economies in the present scenario. Though it is categorized as a lower-middle economy, the country has been steadily growing in the past few years. It has opened up wide opportunities for business and trade. If you want to explore business opportunities in Indonesia, Bahasa localization is necessary.
  • Gain Potential Customers – The English proficiency of the Indonesian population is comparatively low. If your marketing materials or business communication is in English, you are missing out on a large group of prospective customers. By localizing the content to Bahasa, you can grab people’s attention and communicate with them effectively. It will eventually help you grow your business significantly in the region.
  • Better Communication – If you are serious about establishing business relations with the Indonesian population, then Bahasa localization becomes critical. When you use their language for communication, you will be able to gain their attention and respect. You will gain a competitive advantage over other players when you communicate in Bahasa.

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