SPG Studios and Pipedrive: Video Localization for onboarding and e-learning product tutorials

Discover how SaaS company Pipedrive tailored their onboarding and e-learning academy tutorials with video localization in over four languages: Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, French, and German.

Onboarding and educational materials are key elements in the product marketing strategy for any B2B SaaS company. Not only does this type of content increase customer retention and customer lifetime value (CLV), it also drastically reduces churn rate, a key metric for any growing SaaS company.

For sales CRM company Pipedrive, localizing their onboarding videos is an essential step in their global onboarding and marketing strategy. With remote work becoming more mainstream, it is necessary that users are able to quickly learn online, in their own language.

Video Localization for e-learning and onboarding materials

Founded in 2010, Pipedrive has gained a reputation as a leading CRM for sales teams, used by over 95,000 companies in 175 countries. With such a large global customer base, their resources have to be made accessible for all of their users, and of course, localized to each segment. On Pipedrive’s learning center, they have an academy section that features CRM training videos and tutorials that help their users further their sales skills and processes, and train them on how to use specific features of the Pipedrive platform. With many different global users, let’s find out how Pipedrive seamlessly localized their academy content.

Screen capture localization for product tutorials

Pipedrive turned to SPG Studios to localize their academy video content in Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, French, and German. SPG was responsible for providing screen capture localization, a video localization service that involves tracking and applying localized screen captures. In many cases, this work is done in conjunction with localizing the original voiceover track, but Pipedrive asked SPG to focus exclusively on ensuring viewers watching the videos could understand the text-heavy screen images from Pipedrive’s application. This work requires a great attention to linguistic and technical detail as the finished work must not only “make sense” but also be visually appealing and seamless with video narration and the client’s software UI/UX. Tackling these challenges for multiple languages simultaneously – while on a tight timeframe – requires a team that has both specialized training and software tools. Like many of SPG customers, Pipedrive approached us after doing the work on their own for some time. It is not uncommon for clients to tell us that their localization teams need 90 to 120 minutes to produce 1 minute of finished screen capture!

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Video Localization for Product onboarding

As with any SaaS product, publishers want their clients’ onboarding experience to be seamless and fast. But in order to discover the value of the product, end users must learn how to use it. The faster they unveil those ‘value moments,’ the more likely the publisher will lock the client into a profitable long-term relationship. Thus Pipedrive asked SPG to specifically focus on their “Get started with the basics” series of tutorial videos, which introduces users to the CRM functionality and essential features.


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Localization for SaaS Products, onboarding and e-learning materials

SPG Studios has a long history of localizing onboarding and e-learning videos for SaaS tech companies and offers a range of services that fit any budget and timeframe. SPG understands the importance of localizing to a global user base and is committed to offering the best solution to increase engagement and customer lifetime value, and reduce customer churn.

As SaaS companies grow, the need to communicate with global audiences is essential. SPG Studios is committed to offering the best solutions to reach goals that align with product roadmaps, feature launches and go-to market strategies. SPG’s team of experts will guide you to make the best decision for your audience and content with a range of localization services that fit your needs.

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