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The SPG team is here to answer any questions, no matter the location, distance, and time zone. Our doors at our full-service localization and recording studios are always open. SPG’s headquarters are located in Burbank, California, with offices and owned studios located around the world.

If you know the department you would like to reach, please send an email to the direct contact (under the form). For all other inquires, and quotes, please fill out the form below, and a member of our team will be in contact shortly.

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    Direct Contacts

    Phone (818) 877 7844
    Entertainment Dubbing
    Phone (818) 877 7849
    Audio Post
    (818) 877 7849
    Video Games
    (818) 877 7849

    SPG Studios USA

    919 N Victory Blvd,
    CA 91502

    SPG Studios Mexico

    Canada 104, Parque San
    Andres, Coyoacan,
    04040, Ciudad de Mexico

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