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Open the door to new markets without worrying about languages, cultural barriers, and sound quality. Our team of linguists and localization experts will take care of all of the elements that make your content unique, and tailor it to new audiences.

The goal of any great marketing campaign is to resonate with the audience that the brand or company is targeting. This is no easy task for creatives when they don’t speak the language and don’t know the culture of their targeted audience. This is why advertising & creative agencies, brands, and marketing departments of Fortune 500 companies rely on us to guide them through the localization process of their marketing campaigns. Whether they need us to handle the entire process or simply assist their international team with one aspect of the localization process, we’re here to help. We assess their needs, present the different localization options available, and act as a safety net to guarantee their campaigns will be well received in each market.

Educators and training professionals know that to captivate an audience they need to talk to them in a way that will resonate with them. This becomes even more crucial when localizing E-learning and training modules for different demographics and markets. SPG Studios helps big and small educational technology companies localize their multimedia content to help them speak to their target audience authentically. Whether they need help localizing employee training modules to help them learn new skills, or interactive videos to help homeschooled students learn remotely, we have the resources and experience necessary to guarantee our clients’ content will reach the target audiences.

Technological progress has made it easier for everyone to take control of their wellness and fitness goals. From apps to interactive smart gym equipment, we are able to achieve those goals from the comfort of our homes. This new reality also means a drastic increase in on-demand multimedia content. For companies in the Wellness & Fitness industry, localizing their content is a cost-effective way to maximize it and easily reach new markets and demographics. Our clients rely on us to adapt our services to their content as workouts, meditation & yoga classes, or lifestyle content will need different localization processes to guarantee the content will resonate with their target audience.

We can all agree that medical, pharmaceutical, and biotech content should be translated and localized with the utmost care. We are literally talking about life and death situations. That’s why hospitals, medical equipment companies, and pharmaceutical laboratories are trusting us with the localization of their multimedia content. From tutorial videos for new medical equipment to Public Service Announcement (PSA), we help our clients adapt their multimedia content to reflect the language and culture of their target audience. Over the past three decades, we have perfected our production processes and QC protocols to guarantee the accuracy and quality of localized content while maintaining the privacy and security of our clients’ content.

Fortune 500 companies and large corporations rely on localization providers to help them communicate their brand image, message, and protocols in every country they have a footprint. Over the past three decades, we’ve helped corporate clients from all major industries localize their multimedia content for the world. Whether they need to localize safety training videos for employees or corporate presentations for new investors, our production team offers a localization solution for any scope of work, budget, and turnaround time. Our corporate clients trust us as we only deliver the highest quality work and ensure content is safe and secure at each step of the localization process.

As the world has become more and more digital, Internet and Computer Software companies have become a part of everyone’s daily life. Their global footprint requires them to heavily invest in localization to reach all of their customers and markets. From CRM platforms to online stores, SPG Studios has been trusted by a wide range of tech companies to localize their multimedia content. Whether it is tutorial videos to onboard customers or marketing content to introduce their new services and products, we’ve seen it all. We have the resources and expertise to offer all of our clients a localization solution for any scope of work, budget, and turnaround time.


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Dubbing Services

Our production teams will help you find the dubbing solution best suited for your content, and our hand-picked native talents will bring it to life. Starting with script translation, casting, recording, and mixing, SPG offers world-class dubbing services.



Voice-Over Services

SPG offers wild and timed voice-over services in over 50 languages. Localizing your content in your target audience’s native language is the key to global success. SPG is here to guarantee the cultural and linguist accuracy of your voice-over.



Subtitling Services

Subtitles are a cost-effective and fast solution to reach a global audience. SPG Studios relies on its proprietary workflows and unique database of translators, spotters, and linguists to deliver the highest quality subtitling services in any format.



Video Localization Services

An often-forgotten aspect of content localization is the localization of graphics and on-screen-text. SPG provides a wide range of video post services that include editing, graphics & on-screen-titles localization, screen activity capture, and more.


SPG Audio Post

Audio Post Services

SPG Studios audio post services transform the sound of content to the finest audio quality it can be by mixing and mastering projects. As a result, we are trusted by a range of innovative industries; from entertainment to video games, brands, and more.



Closed Captioning Services

SPG provides the highest quality Closed Captioning services (CC) to help content creators reach the hearing impaired. In the US, almost all broadcasters, TV networks, and streaming services are required to offer closed captions and/or audio descriptions.



Audio Description Services

Our Audio Description (AD) services help your content seamlessly reach those in the visually impaired community. Share your content with new audiences whilst complying with accessibility laws.


media processing 1

Media Processing Services

Our Media processing and distribution services can tackle virtually any media format and delivery spec, so your content passes QC, and is ready to broadcast or ready for distribution.


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