With a need for dubbing, video localization, and media distribution, Bridge Multimedia was in search of a full-service vendor who could provide unmatchable quality with a fast turnaround timeSPG Studios became a trusted localization and translation service provider for Bridge Multimedia, working on various projects for different industries. As a result, SPG Studios has aided in their mission to support universally accessible content.   

Bridge Multimedia empowers accessibility, providing ADA Compliance materials for Advertising companies, TV Shows, Networks, and Agencies. They are a vendor of record for JP Morgan Chase, and have an impressive roster of international clients under their belt.  


Working closely with vendors providing similar services, such as audio description for video, captioning, transcriptions, PDF remediation, and more; it is of great importance that they partner with vendors who deliver consistently high standards of multimedia localization and translation services.  


The right localization provider for the target market  

As Bridge Multimedia works on many projects for various different markets, finding a localization provider with in-depth knowledge of the selected target market is key to a seamless globalization process. 

“Searching for a vendor that understands the specific target market is paramount to the end-result of our projects. For example, there are a lot of shows that we produce in Spanish that are dedicated to the Latin American market. You need a vendor with excellent knowledge of this market to provide the best quality service.” said Manny Minaya, Director of Operations at Bridge Multimedia. 

High-quality with unbeatable turn-around time  

Having previously worked with other vendors who hadn’t delivered on certain aspects of projects, Bridge Multimedia began to work with SPG Studios. SPG delivered localization services in French and Spanish. The services ranged from dubbing and media processing to video localization on projects for Carnival, Mi Telemundo and JP Morgan Chase.  

Armed with a team of expert native translators, knowledge of the target markets, extensive quality control processes, and unbeatable turnaround time; SPG Studios was able to provide Bridge Multimedia with exceptional quality work within a small timeframe. 

Minaya added “SPG Studios has proved themselves as a top localization provider as everything they have produced for Bridge Multimedia has exceeded our expectations. We were very happy with the turnaround time,” 

Minaya continued, “In terms of deliverables, SPG Studios is a one-stop localization vendor, that provides all the accessibility services we need -captioning, translations, dubbing, video graphic localization.”       

A team of Multimedia localization experts 
 Working with the operations team at SPG, Bridge Multimedia was able to build a trusting partnership for their localization needs.  

“It is great to work with a company that is so transparent. Your operations team is extremely helpful, and are great communicators.  We have never had to question the work produced by SPG Studios. It is always delivered to a certain high-quality standard. With the level of trust, and the seamless process, we are able to hand over the materials and say -You guys know what to do!”, said Minaya. 

Bridge Multimedia continues to partner with SPG Studios, working through consecutive seasons on projects. Minaya added, “The reason why we continue with SPG Studios as our localization partner, is because they produce phenomenal work and meet the deadlines we need.” 

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