Open the door to new markets without worrying about languages, cultural barriers, and sound quality. Our team of linguists and localization experts will take care of all of the elements that makes your content unique, and tailor it to new audiences.

High-quality dubbing services

SPG Studios is a leading dubbing company. We adapt content for international markets, allowing you to speak to audiences in their own languages. In addition to a team of experts that perfectly match lip-sync dialogue, we have a large selection of languages and dialects.

We provide global dubbing services for Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, American English, French, German, Arabic, Russian, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, and 50 plus languages and dialects.

Tailored dubbing solutions for your content

Our production team will be there every step of the way to guide you in finding the audio dubbing solution best suited for your content, budget, and goals.

Using proprietary workflow tools, cutting-edge text, speech technology, and a team of experts, SPG builds tailored localization solutions. From script translation and adaptation to recording and final mix, our production teams are exclusively composed of experienced translators, linguists, voice directors, engineers, mixers, and native voice actors, who will bring your content to life in other languages.

Owned studios worldwide

With owned recording studios and facilities around the world, SPG Studios implements the best technology for content security and sound quality. With global partners and a skilled international team, we can ensure our clients receive the highest quality localization and audio post solutions.

50+ Languages

SPG Studios only hires highly qualified native-speaking translators and linguists, offering localization services in 50+ languages. Choose from our roster of voice actors or bring your own talent to our headquarters in Los Angeles, or one of our global studio locations.

Simplify Your Global Reach

With over 30 years of experience, SPG Studios has gained rich industry knowledge and a deep understanding of global markets. We strive for perfection and customer happiness, exceeding expectations with our seamless processes, and one-stop content localization solutions.

Your trusted dubbing company

For over three decades, SPG Studios has been a leading dubbing company, offering hassle-free, high-quality, multilingual video dubbing services. We’ve dubbed films and TV shows for clients such as HBO, Warner Bros, Sony, Fox, Disney, and Netflix, as well as corporate and marketing videos for clients such as JP Morgan, JBL, and Carnival Cruise. Over the years, our talented team members have mastered their craft, perfected our workflows, and developed the necessary dexterity and agility that allow us today to provide dubbing solutions for all scopes, budgets, and turnaround times.

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What separates us from the rest?

World-class owned dubbing studios

  • Our studios are composed of 5 recording booths and ADR rooms, and 3 mixing stages. In addition, we have over 45 partner studios worldwide.

Roster of voice talent

  • SPG has a large selection of voiceover actors for lip-sync dubbing, voiceovers, and more. Select from our roster of experienced, professional voiceover actors. Or we’ll coordinate a custom casting specifically for your project.
Customer Support
  • We understand that every project is different. So, we offer the support and guidance you need to ensure a seamless experience.

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