Open the door to new markets without worrying about languages, cultural barriers, and sound quality. Our team of linguists and localization experts will take care of all of the elements that make your content unique, and tailor it to new audiences.

With more and more OTT platforms on the market, one of the keys to their success is to expand internationally. Therefore, clients need high-quality localization. Whether it is for new content or back catalogs, series, or feature films, we provide our clients a wide range of localization services such as dubbing, voice-over, and subtitling to expand the reach of their VOD content. Relying on a trusted localization studio, like SPG, will guarantee audiences will consume and enjoy the entertainment content localized in their languages.

Over the years, the video games industry has seen higher revenue and growth than the movie industry, and the trend is not changing direction. We provide high-quality localization services to video game developers to help them successfully launch their games globally. Video game localization is a complex process that includes adapting the game to the culture and sometimes laws of each country. From in-game text translation to multimedia content localization, we offer solutions for all scopes, budgets, and turnaround times. There is really no video game too big or too small for us.

While OTT platforms like Netflix, Apple TV+, or Amazon have taken a portion of the viewership, most people worldwide still rely on broadcast and cable TV as their primary source for entertainment. Over the last three decades, SPG Studios has fostered long-standing relationships with international broadcasters. We have localized some of the world’s biggest television franchises. Our clients have relied on us to provide high-quality localization services while adhering to tight production schedules dictated by the air date of each new episode.

For any true film lover, there is no comparable experience to seeing a film in a theater. The big screen, surround sound, and shared experience with everyone in the room are impossible to replicate anywhere else. For more than 30 years, we’ve helped major movie studios reach audiences globally. They have relied on us to handle the entire localization process for their tentpole movies. From translation and voice dubbing to editorial and mixing in our Dolby Atmos soundstages, each step is handled by our team of localization and audio post experts.

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Dubbing Services

Our production teams will help you find the dubbing solution best suited for your content, and our hand-picked native talents will bring it to life. Starting with script translation, casting, recording, and mixing, SPG offers world-class dubbing services.

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Voice-Over Services

SPG offers wild and timed voice-over services in over 50 languages. Localizing your content in your target audience’s native language is the key to global success. SPG is here to guarantee the cultural and linguist accuracy of your voice-over.

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Subtitling Services

Subtitles are a cost-effective and fast solution to reach a global audience. SPG Studios relies on its proprietary workflows and unique database of translators, spotters, and linguists to deliver the highest quality subtitling services in any format.



Video Localization Services

An often-forgotten aspect of content localization is the localization of graphics and on-screen-text. SPG provides a wide range of video post services that include editing, graphics & on-screen-titles localization, screen activity capture, and more.

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SPG Audio Post

Audio Post Services

SPG Studios audio post services transform the sound of content to the finest audio quality it can be by mixing and mastering projects. As a result, we are trusted by a range of innovative industries; from entertainment to video games, brands, and more.

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Closed Captioning Services

SPG Studios provides the highest quality Closed Captioning services (CC) to help content creators reach the hearing impaired. In the US, almost all broadcasters, TV networks, and streaming services are required to offer closed captions and/or audio descriptions.

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Audio Description Services

Our Audio Description (AD) services help your content seamlessly reach those in the visually impaired community. Share your content with new audiences whilst complying with accessibility laws.

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media processing 1

Media Processing Services

Our Media processing and distribution services can tackle virtually any media format and delivery spec, so your content passes QC, and is ready to broadcast or ready for distribution.

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