If your brand is targeting Canadian French speakers, the message should be delivered in an accent that they are familiar with. More than 30% of the population in the country speak Canadian French. Your brand will benefit significantly if the message is dubbed in the regional language of the target population. When hiring voice actors, different factors should be considered to make the project a success.

Are you planning to hire a Canadian French voiceover studio? Here are five tips to know for choosing the right voiceover studio that suits your business requirements.

Professional Experience 

The experience of the team is one of the major factors you should consider when you want to work with a reliable voiceover studio. You can ask for previous projects they have done, client testimonials, and referrals, to know more about the voiceover studio. An experienced voiceover studio will have a clear-cut idea of what needs to be done and can add value to your project.

Studio Specifications

The quality of the voiceover largely depends on the infrastructure of the recording studio. The minimum elements of a high-end recording studio include a good quality microphone, sound-proofed recording environment, advanced software and tools, and well-qualified technicians. Before hiring a voiceover studio, make sure you enquire about the studio specifications. However, remember that a fancy studio with expensive equipment does not guarantee quality recording. It needs proper set-up and fine-tuning for high-quality recording.

Timely Service

Another factor to determine is the turnaround time required for the voiceover studio. Even though they give you date of submission, you may not know how reliable they are when it comes to deadlines. To get an idea of the company, you can check the reviews and client testimonials of the studio. If you find repeated mentions of delays or inconsistency in project delivery, think twice before hiring them.


A professional voiceover studio will most likely offer competitive rates for voiceover and translation services. If the voiceover studio is giving you rates significantly lower than the standard prices, it is a red flag. On the other side, if they are quoting too high, it might not be a feasible option to work with them. However, you can negotiate to get the job done at a reasonable rate.

Training & Ability

When you need the content to be translated to a regional language, it should be delivered along with the nuances and accents to connect with the listeners. Before you hire a voiceover studio, you should check whether the voiceover artists have the required training, skills, and experience to fulfill your requirement. You can ask for samples before finalizing the studio.

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