When it comes down to foreign-language translation services for corporate videos, it’s paramount that you select the right method and provider. In this simple but effective guide, we are going to go through how corporate video localization can help your brand/organization achieve its global strategic goals.

Foreign-language translation services: What’s the right recording method for your video?

There are two techniques that we are going to focus on: dubbing and voiceover. Of course, subtitles and captions are a great option for foreign-language translation in the written form. However, for corporate video localization, we are going to look further into audio translation.

Corporate Video Dubbing

  • Lip-sync dubbing is a technique, where the original speaker’s voice is replaced with a voiceover artist speaking the target language.  The recorded audio translation is matched with the lip movements and tone of the original on-screen speaker.

Dubbing is more expensive than other foreign-language translation services, as it produces a high-quality end result. As well as being as close to the original as possible, it allows the new audience to easily digest the content without distractions. For more information on dubbing, see our article, The Ultimate Guide to dubbing.

Corporate Video Voiceovers

There are many different styles of voiceover. If you do choose this foreign-language translation service, you will need to select the style.

  • Firstly, you have a Narration/Off-screen voiceover, which replaces the original audio dialogue. It is timed to match your video. As well as effortlessly translating your video.
  • Secondly, you have an UN-Style voiceover, which turns down the original audio, so you can still lightly hear it. The translated voiceover is then placed over the original audio.
  • Lastly, there is Voice replacement or Audio dialogue replacement. This is when the translated voiceover audio is placed with the same start and endpoints, replacing the original.  This style doesn’t match the lip movements of the original videos.

Voiceover is a cheaper option for corporate video content than dubbing. However, it really depends on your video content and the end result you are trying to achieve. For more information on voiceovers, see our article: The Ultimate Guide to Voiceovers.

What’s the best Foreign-language translation service for my corporate video?

If you are ready to localize your video content, speaking with a localization provider has many benefits. In addition to helping you choose the perfect translation technique based on your content, they’ll help you choose the preferred technique for your target audience.

Depending on the corporate video, it’s important to select the technique that your audience will resonate with the most and the option that is the most easily digestible. Let’s look at some examples:

Employee training videos

  • Depending on the style of your video, lip-sync dubbing and voice replacement are the best foreign-language translation services for training videos. If you are looking to keep the cost down, voice replacement would be your best option. As it is more cost-effective. However, if your training video includes a lot of storytelling, dubbing would be the best option for your audience.

Case studies and testimonials

  • Viewers enjoy an UN-style voiceover for this type of content.  Similarly, when you hear a translated interview on the news, they mainly use UN-Style. As a result, the viewer can hear the original tonality and emotion from the original audio.

Marketing Videos

  • If your marketing video features a person on-screen, dubbing is a great option for a marketing video. However, if the speaker is off-screen, the narration would be an excellent choice.

Whilst voiceover and dubbing are great techniques for corporate video audio translation, it is important to select the option that’s best for your audience. In addition, budget, goals, and content type all play a large role in decision making.  If you work with a localization provider, they will guide you through the process and help you make an informed decision for your global strategy.

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