The cost of voiceover services ranges depending on certain factors. It’s unfortunately not a one-size–fits–all pricing model. When it comes to how much a voiceover will cost, there are factors that drastically change the final number.  You could be looking anywhere between $200 – $4,000 for these services, or even more.

How much do professional voiceover services cost?

How much do voiceover services cost, and how is it calculated?


  • Like other audiovisual translation services, voiceover services cost can be fairly high. Due to the length of your project, and certain other factors, the price will change. As professional voiceover services cost is normally priced per minute, there is usually a minimum fee. Often you’ll hear PFM. This is the abbreviated version of Per finished minute.
  • For example: If your video is 5 minutes long and the voiceover will cost $50 pfm, you will be charged the fee of 50 x 5 = $250

Different languages cost a different price

  • As well as the way the price is calculated by PFM, different languages also impact the final voiceover services cost. For instance, a Japanese voiceover is more expensive than a Brazilian Portuguese voiceover. Often, it depends on the demand for the language and the native speakers available. As well as the complexity of the translation. Or, if you select a regional dialect and accent. For instance, a small region, such as Glaswegian English.

Professional voiceover studios

  • Professional voiceover studios usually have higher quality equipment. As a result, they charge more for the results that they produce. When working with a provider that owns recording studios, it eliminates any issues with available recording space or edits.

Hiring voice talent

  • If you end up hiring a well-known actor, the price of your voiceover will definitely change. Most studios have a selection of voice talent to choose from. So, when going through this stage, make sure to consult your provider on the voiceover service cost of different talent.

Professional audio post-production services

  • Depending on the vendor, Audio Post may not be included in the voice-over budget. This means that you will likely be spending money, depending on the project.

When it comes to an exact price, there are many factors that impact the overall price of a voiceover. If you’re looking to make a project cheaper, you can always speak with a localization company to see your options. However, if you don’t fully understand the quote you are given, make sure to ask for a breakdown of the pricing. A good studio will be able to explain everything in-depth.

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