If you have decided to localize your content with video subtitling, choosing the right foreign language subtitling service provider is key. Similarly, this article applies to those who are looking for original language caption services. And, are seeking a provider as well. Obviously, disregard the specific part about translation services titled ‘languages offered’. However, a provider should possess the same qualities for both of these services.

The main factors to look for in a video subtitling company

Video Subtitling experience

  • This may seem like the most obvious one. But many forget to do their research when it comes to selecting a video subtitling company.
  • Have a look at their previous work. Does it match the standard you are looking for? What companies have they worked with, and are there case studies or reviews that back up all of the info on their website?
  • Now, it’s not a question of how long they have been providing subtitles, but how well this service benefits you, your time, your budget, your project. And, your sanity!

Services Offered: Subtitles and more

One-stop-shop or one service?

  • Some may want to go directly to a company that only provides foreign–language subtitles or captions. However, if you aren’t sure about the localization method you want, select a localization provider that offers more than just subtitles. Such as dubbing, voiceover, etc. This way, they can lend a guiding hand if you decide you want to translate and localize your content in a different way.

But what if I need another service or this isn’t the right one for my content?

  • Secondly, a provider that offers more than one service can help you in other areas of transcription and translation. For example, if you originally wanted Japanese subtitling services, and then realize that you need to have a voiceover for the kids’ portion of your video, a one-stop provider can help with these different areas. However, if you have your heart set on a provider that only offers exactly what you are looking for, that’s great. You should choose a company that gives you exactly what you want.

Dedicated Project Manager for video subtitling process

Someone to handle all the little details

  • Firstly, a dedicated project manager is a top priority in my book. The reason behind this is that a project manager’s job is to understand the process and act as the middle man between the customer and the service offered.
  • Essentially, they hash out all of the details and give you a turnaround time. A project manager understands the process and is in constant contact with the translation and transcribing teams. So, there is none of this over promise, under deliver nightmare that we all hate.


Do they need to have experience in my industry?

  • A good translation and captioning provider doesn’t have to work solely with your industry to offer high-quality services.
  • However, if this is a big factor or your project is extremely niche, ask them! Many companies don’t list every single industry that they have provided subtitles for. And, as long as their overall quality is good, that should be your main focus.

Languages offered for your target market

  • Make sure you know the market you’re targeting. Good localization and translation vendors will help you with this if you’re unsure.
  • If you are looking for a range of languages, check that the provider offers them. For instance, if you want Arabic subtitles, but the provider doesn’t offer that language, you’re probably better off going with another company.

Quick tips for choosing a video subtitling company

  • Do your research
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions
  • Deal with the details and pricing at the start
  • Be upfront about your expectations, vision and goals
  • Have an initial consultation and don’t feel pressured into choosing a provider if it isn’t a fit
  • Ask for information about the process and workflows

So, whether you’re in need of Arabic subtitling services, Dutch subtitling services, or another language subtitling, or just want original language captions added to your video content, you should select a company that makes you feel confident with your choice.

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