Video translation services make achieving your global strategy goals easy. By working with a video translation company, you can effortlessly take your content to new markets and reap the benefits of localization.  However, finding a good video translation company isn’t always the easiest part. So, I have made a list of some tips when you’re looking for a trusted provider.

Look for a video translation services company that has dedicated project managers

  • When a video translation services company assigns you a dedicated project manager, they are giving you a middle man. Essentially, your project manager is responsible for the communication from the translation team to you, from the start to the end of your project. This means that you won’t have to deal with any over-promising nonsense or communication with tons of different people.
  • A dedicated project manager will go through your project, answer any questions, and guide you to achieve the best results for your video content. They also have a rich knowledge of target markets and will be able to assist you with the best video translation services and techniques that you’re after!
  • Often, translation companies will take your project and deliver it, without any updates until it’s finished. When working with a project manager, you will be updated throughout. As well as being consulted on any decisions etc.

Look for a one-stop video translation provider with studios and facilities

  • Not only is it great to find a multi-technique video translation provider, but it’s also great to find one that owns recording studios and facilities. If you do decide that you want to add a different translation method, the resources are at their fingertips. As well as eliminating overcomplicated outsourcing, or you having to find a new provider altogether.
  • If you don’t know the market that you are targeting, or you decide to target a different market, it is important to remember that not every market is the same.
  • For example, you might want to reach Poland with a dubbed video. However, the Polish market isn’t used to dubbed video content. A niche voiceover style called lektoring is preferred. So, it is great to have a one-stop provider that offers different localization and translation services, that can be done at a moment’s notice.

Ask questions in an initial phone call

  • The phrase we all heard from our teachers as kids. “If you don’t understand something, just ask”. This is actually a great approach with a provider.  If they happily answer any questions you have and can reassure you about their work and what they offer, it looks pretty good.
  • As well as asking questions, double-check their process, and how their quality checks are performed.

Negotiate at the start and sign a contract

  • Negotiate all of the nitty-gritty fine details at the start.
  • For example: ALWAYS ask about a video translation services company’s policy on edits to the final project.  Treat this as a kind of security check.  Many providers will ask for an additional fee for certain changes.  So, it’s important to make sure you understand the policy beforehand.
  • Make sure you feel comfortable about the pricing. If you don’t understand, ask for a breakdown of the pricing.  In addition, be sure to finalize the overall price before you hand over your work!

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