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Discover the best voice for your content from SPG Studio’s roster of voice talent from Los Angeles and around the world.

With operated recording studio facilities worldwide, in both established and emerging markets, we have the resources to localize multimedia for any market. In addition, our roster of talent can match any age range, voice style, or other parameters to match your requirements.

SPG provides global dubbing and voiceover services for Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, American English, French, German, Arabic, Russian, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, and 40+ other languages and dialects. For more voiceover recording samples, please contact us directly below.

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What is audio dubbing?

Dubbing is a creative and technical post-production process that swaps the original language of a recording with another language. Exceptional dubbing requires professional native-speaking translators who translate and adapt the source content to a new market. Once the script is approved and checked by linguists, native-speaking voiceover actors record the new script with a director present to ensure accuracy and precision. The final step involves sound engineers and mixers who finalize the tracks, matching it seamlessly with the original.

The ultimate guide to dubbing microphone recording

Types of dubbing

Audio dubbing is an art, and when done with precision the end result is almost unnoticeable to the viewer. From corporate content to blockbuster movies, dubbing transforms original content into authentic foreign-language versions in the most authentic way. There are also different types of voice recording that can be used for different types of multimedia translation.

Lip Sync

Lip Sync is the technique that replaces the original audio with another language by matching the new recording with the on-screen speaker’s lip movements. Lip-sync dubbing appears the most natural technique to the viewer, as a result of the precise matching of the original mouth movements with the translated audio track. This means that the words in the adapted script have to be carefully selected to match the movements of the actor’s mouth and stay within the timeframe, whilst staying true to the original script.



The right voiceover can elevate content by adding a storytelling element and can be used to give video or audio content a brand voice. Voiceovers can fall into two categories, timed and untimed:

U.N. Style (Timed) voiceovers are synced to video content and are used as a form of dubbing. The voice is recorded off-camera and is timed for a specific activity in the video content. Often, you will hear U.N. Style voiceovers in corporate multimedia, documentaries, and news segments.

Wild (Untimed) voiceovers aren’t synced to video content and have no time restrictions. This style of voiceover is narrative and is reserved for audiobooks, e-learning narration, video games, or radio commercials.


Adaptation and casting

SPG Studios is a customer-focused company that aims to streamline the localization process. In addition to the translation and recording, adaptation and casting are vital elements of the process that ensure your content is received and enjoyed in other languages.

Adaptation is the process of adapting a script for lip-sync dubbing by native linguists. When localizing source content, it is crucial to capture the context and emotion of the original material. This creates the same experience in different languages.

Voiceover Casting is another critical element of the process. SPG has a large roster of native-speaking talents to choose from. It’s of great importance to work with the best voice actors, who maintain character integrity across global markets by matching the new voice.

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