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Your audience doesn’t just speak Korean – they ARE Korean.

Word choice, phrasing, accents – humans process dozens of subtle cues when listening to another voice. To engage an audience, it’s not enough to be linguistically accurate; you have to be authentic. SPG’s Korean language specialists and voice talent deliver both. Our multi-step process includes both peer review and quality control to ensure your project is culturally relevant and immersive.

The result is high-quality localization, and it’s what SPG has done for over 30 years for clients as diverse as film studios, gaming companies, universities, web content providers, Fortune 500 companies and the ad agencies that serve them.

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Why should you localize your content for Korean-speaking markets?

The Korean market is booming as one of the fastest-growing countries in the world due to advancements in technology. South Korea has the eleventh largest economy globally and the fourth largest in Asia by nominal gross domestic product.

Korean is the seventeenth most-spoken language in the world with 77 million native-Korean speakers worldwide. Within this thriving market, there are dozens of linguistic nuances, dialects, and accents that convey important information to audiences about the authenticity and credibility of material they are hearing.

Whether you are looking to dub, subtitle, or narrate, localizing your content into Korean gives you access to both Korea itself and its thriving expatriate community worldwide. International companies have enjoyed great success localizing their marketing and ad campaigns, videos, TV and radio spots, VOD (video on demand), e-learning materials, video games, and more into Korean.

Speed, Quality & Affordability: yes!

Something special happens when you focus on one thing and do it very well. You not only develop unrivaled expertise, but also systems, processes, and relationships that enable faster and more flexible workflows. SPG’s proprietary software, along with our pro audio gear, Dolby-certified studios, networking infrastructure, and thousands of friends and fans in Korea, allow us to localize like nobody’s business! Regardless of the size of your budget, the urgency of your deadline, or the exactitude of your Korean linguistic standards, SPG can deliver.

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Korean Projects & Clients

Over the past 30+ years, SPG has provided localization services in Korean for feature films, TV and other episodic series, documentaries, video games, web content, commercials, TV and radio spots, e-learning and training videos. In the majority of cases, we’re asked to provide voice-overs, narrations, or dubs, which are sometimes referred to as video dubbing or audio translation. Sometimes clients also need us to prepare subtitles, translations, graphics localization, and other media services.

Our People & Work

SPG has lots of chingu (friends) in Korea! We work with a very large and diverse range of native Korean voice artists, directors, localization experts, and recording and mixing engineers. Depending on the content type and project goals, we can employ:

  • “UN style” voice-over, which plays “on top of” the original dialog
  • Narration that replaces the original, or
  • Lip-sync dubbing, which synchronizes to lip movements and reflects the tone and emotional quality of the original speaker

All three styles require linguists to translate the as-recorded script to bring every nuance of your source material into Korean. Dubbing requires the added step of adapting the script to optimize the sync between our recorded Korean audio and the original visuals. SPG’s best-in-class adapters scrutinize each word and phrase to ensure the dubbed performance conveys the exact “feel” of the original.

For many clients, the most crucial step in the process is casting Korean voices. SPG can manage the entire process, or present you with filtered or unfiltered lists of voice samples. We can offer a near-limitless variety of ages, styles, tonal quality, and performance capabilities. SPG has dubbed children singing, aliens speaking a made-up language, and everything in between!

Other critical steps in the process include:

  • Pairing Korean voice talent with session directors and talented recording engineers
  • Editing, mixing, and post-production services that ensure the audio quality sounds perfect
  • File transfer, digital asset management, efficient workflow tools, and secure digital rights management

After recording is complete, we turn our attention to the graphics localization of onscreen text, titles/credits, “lower thirds”, and other written material. To fully immerse your audience, all relevant text should be in Hangul!

Subtitling, Captioning, and Audio Description Services

When text or narration is preferable to lip-sync voice dubbing, SPG offers subtitling, closed captioning, and audio description services. Our roster of Korean translators, linguists, adapters, and editors have extensive experience creating Hangul subtitles and closed captions in a timely and cost-effective manner. We also employ audio description specialists with thousands of hours of experience delivering information to the sight-impaired community.

How can we help?

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