When working with a translation services vendor, your expectations should be exceeded. That’s what builds trusts and long-term partnerships, when handing over your content. In order to provide the highest quality, best pricing and turnaround times, a vendor should follow a checklist that ensures the best results. At SPG Studios, we offer localization services, and work with translation service vendors, in order to fulfill unique requests. We wanted to share the checklist, so that you can follow it when working with a translation service company, to get the best results.

This checklist mitigates risk and avoids issues when working with translation service vendors. You should be looking for a transparent, customer-focused provider who ticks all of the boxes. This way, you’ll know what to look for when partnering with a language services provider.

So, whether you’re new to the localization process or a pro, this list guarantees the best results for your translation outsourcing.

Make sure your translation service provider ensures the following:

  • Doesn’t use machine translation, unless specifically instructed to by the client.
  • Allows communication between translators and clients, so that you can discuss the linguistic issues, accuracy and style of your project.
  • Works only with professional native-speaking translators, and can prove the experience and linguistic accuracy from previous work.
  • Provides translation memory files on an annual basis and upon request, or provides them online for download.
  • Informs clients when there is a delay or issue.  Of course, this isn’t ideal. However, clear and transparent communication is key.  By alerting clients of possible delays as soon as they are identified, solutions can be offered. For example, adding more translators to the project.
  • Update translation memories as translators continue to work to maximize leveraging for cross-file repetitions and partial memory matches.
  • Ensures quality and linguistic accuracy before delivery. Quality checks are performed on all work, with a second translator and linguist double-checking.
  • Will not assign translation memory penalties. (This applies to penalties greater than the defaults recommended by the translation memory tool that is being used.

Why is this checklist important?

This checklist highlights the best practices of good foreign-language translation services company. If you are able to tick everything off, you’re guaranteed the highest quality results for your project. At SPG Studios, we follow this checklist in order to exceed expectations, and of course, deliver unbeatable quality with a clear timeline for our clients. In turn, this has built trust with our clients, and is the reason we receive repeat business, and continue to built long-lasting relationships and partnerships.

Why SPG Studios?

Unlike many companies out there, SPG Studios focuses on building a foundation with customers, rather than robotic transactions. With a people-first nature, we listen to our clients, which enables us to provide unique tailored localization services and results. We treat every project with the same level of care, dedication and finesse, no matter the industry, budget or size of the project. Our job isn’t complete until our customers are 100% happy, and the quality matches our high standards!

For your localization projects, please contact us for a quote or to ask any questions. We’re always here to help and discuss your project needs!

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