Closed Captioning

As a multimedia localization provider, SPG offers subtitling for the Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing (SDH), closed captioning.  As a result, you’ll get more value from your content by appealing to a wider audience.

Our closed captioning services are compliant with the most recent industry guidelines and governmental regulations.  Moreover, you’re making your content more accessible, even with the sound turned off.

Accessible content for any audience

There are 466 million people worldwide with a hearing impairment, including 34 million children (According to the World Health Organization). Therefore, it is paramount for content creators to offer accessible content for this audience.

What separates us from the rest?

  • Personalized closed captioning services.  We understand that your content is unique. So, we treat it that way. From different visions, goals and more, we listen to what you want to deliver the best outcomes.
  • The best access service specialists. Our multilingual access service specialists are equipped to handle each project with the best care and attention. Furthermore, we’re dedicated to making the process as seamless as possible. Our professional captioners are ready to get started with your captioning. So, you can relax knowing your video content is in great hands. 
  • Dedicated project manager. Once you’ve decided to make your content more accessible with closed captions, your project manager will be there to guide you through the process. As well as taking you through the steps, your project manager will go through your budget, turnaround times and any other details.  Most importantly, your vision and goals.

Closed Captioning process

Adding closed captions to your video content is an essential element of production. Especially if you want to reach a wider audience. The benefits of CCs for your videos mean you’ll increase engagement and improve your audience’s experience.

The process starts with our team of captioners and accessibility experts. Once they have the video content, they get to work! During this process, they’ll focus on adding 100% accurately translated closed captions. Once completed, our localization experts begin the quality control process. Above all, our experts make sure each project passes our extensive quality assessment. As a result, we only deliver the highest quality services to our clients.

SPG Studios’ in-house team of project managers will go through your project in detail to provide you with the timescale and delivery process. We will keep you up to date during the process and ensure you’re happy with the result.

Your Access Service provider

SPG Studios has over 30 years of experience as a localization and audio post-production studio. We offer access services to a wide range of clients and are trusted across all industries. For example, some industries we caption videos for: 

  • Media and entertainment companies use SPG to add closed captions for video, film and TV shows.
  • Schools and e-learning institutes use SPG to add closed captions for lectures, online courses and training videos.
  • Marketing departments use SPG to add captions for ads, promos and internal training videos.

SPG Studios offers services to a range of industries, not limited to the examples above. Over the years, our approach to those projects has evolved as the regulation and industry standards changed. We pride ourselves in providing access service solutions for any project, budget, and turnaround time.

Closed captioning Services at SPG Studios
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