From feature films and TV series to corporate and educational videos, our voice dubbing services give your original content a platform to shine and reach your target audiences throughout the world.

We are your trusted localization provider to take your live-action and animated films and TV shows, documentaries, and corporate training videos to new frontiers.  SPG Studios will maximize your content in a truly authentic way, engaging new audiences through our audio dubbing services.

Localization with dubbing

SPG Studios owns and operates dubbing studios in the U.S. and Mexico composed of 5 recording booths and ADR rooms, and 4 mixing stages. Additionally, we have over 45 partner studios worldwide. We provide global localization solutions for Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, American English, French, German, Arabic, Russian, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, and 50 plus languages and dialects. Our goal is to bridge the gap between new markets and content creators and make content accessible in an authentic way.

Tailored high-quality services

Our production team will be there every step of the way to guide you in finding the audio dubbing solution best suited for your content, budget, and goals. Using proprietary workflow tools, cutting-edge text and speech technology, and localization experts, SPG builds tailored dubbing solutions. From script translation and adaptation to recording and final mix, our production teams are exclusively composed of experienced translators, linguists, voice directors, engineers, mixers, and native voice actors, who will bring your content to life in other languages.

Your trusted dubbing partner

For over three decades, SPG Studios has offered hassle-free, high-quality, multilingual video & movie localization services. We’ve dubbed films and TV shows for clients such as HBO, Warner Bros, Sony, Fox, Disney, and Netflix, as well as corporate and marketing videos for JP Morgan, JBL, and Carnival Cruise. Over the years, our talented team members have mastered their craft, perfected our workflows, and developed the necessary dexterity and agility that allow us to provide dubbing solutions for all scopes, budgets, and turnaround times.

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