From documentaries and video games to marketing and corporate productions, our voice-over services give a voice to your content in other languages allowing you to reach your target audiences throughout the world in the most authentic way possible.

With voice over recordings studios in the U.S. and Mexico and 45 partner studios around the world, SPG can localize your voice-over in over 50 languages.

Localize with Voice-Overs

We offer a wide range of voice-over services from wild (aka untimed) and timed (aka U.N. Style) for documentaries, video games, audiobooks, commercial spots, and e-Learning content. We also offer niche voiceover styles, such as lectoring. Whether you are trying to enter new markets with your video games, audiobooks, and e-Learning content, or target ethnic minorities with your marketing videos and commercial spots, localizing your content in your audience’s native language is the key to your success. SPG is here to guarantee the cultural and linguist accuracy for your content.

Our production team will be there throughout the entire process to help you find the ideal voice-over option for your content, goals, and budget. We rely exclusively on skilled, professional translators, linguists, voice directors, engineers, and native voice actors to translate and localize your content in other languages. Using our in-house VO recording studios, in-territory partners, as well as remote recordings, SPG has unparalleled capabilities to provide our clients the highest-quality voice-over services. From script translation and casting to recording and final delivery, our production teams are trained to handle any voice-over project.

Voice-Over Experts

For over three decades, SPG Studios has offered high-quality, multilingual voice-over services. Over time, we’ve perfected our production processes and workflows, developed stringent QC protocols to ensure the audio quality and linguist accuracy of our work, and expanding our international roster of voice actors. From video game localization for AAA titles to corporate productions, we’ve seen it all. Our vast experience allows us today to provide audio solutions for all scopes, turnaround times, and budgets.

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