Localization Workflow

SPG specializes in Audio and Visual Translation services. For content creators and distributors, having the right localization partner is key to making your content global. Meaning, you can guarantee the successful introduction of content to new audiences, every time. Our production team is here to oversee our rigorous end-to-end workflow. Specifically tailoring it to every type of project. Our localization experts are also here to ensure quality and consistency for all languages. We also pride ourselves in our customer service and keep our clients involved and up to date on the progress of their projects.


For over three decades, SPG Studios has provided localization and translation services. Such as dubbing, voice-over, subtitling & captioning, and other multimedia services. We work with a range of different industries. In addition to film studios, we work with OTT providers, brands, and large corporations.


Our proprietary workflow tools, cutting-edge text and speech technology allows us to tailor our full-service localization solutions. Similarly, our unique database of talented translators, directors, and voice actors, aid our mission to personalize our services. From rigorous screening of all voice actors, to check for native fluency, professionalism, and skills, to testing translators and subtliters, we spare no expense to guarantee the best quality. In addition to the best talent our industry has to offer, we also provide an impressive range of languages. For example, Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Castilian Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, and more.


Our sole goal is to provide unparalleled quality, error-free, and expeditious multimedia localization services. Our step-by-step workflow is tailored to your needs for each project in order to guarantee the quality and accuracy of our work.


1. Transcription

SPG’s workflow begins with transcribing audio content from any digital or analog source. Our vast network of professionals can transcribe in over 50 languages.


2. Translation

Translators work with the script to both translate for meaning and adapt for time, tempo and style. Extensive experience is required to capture the essence of the language dialog while accounting for variances in speaking time between the source and destination languages.


3. ADR Recording

ADR, or Automated Dialog Replacement is the process of recording new dialogue to replace the original actor’s performance. SPG has cultivated an extensive pool of experienced voice artists and directors who excel at this specialized skill.

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To ensure the highest quality and efficiency, our studios utilize state-of-the-art recording technology and tools such as Edicue and Ediprompt. For those needing remote solutions, we have you covered with solutions such as Source Connect, IPDTL, and Skype.



4. Audio Editorial

SPG’s sound editorial department cleans and enhances recorded dialog to ensure that lip-sync is optimized and technical aspects of the vocal performance match the original. In addition to this first QC pass, our team can create or edit effects, music, and foley.


5. Mixing

Mixing localized content is both technically and stylistically demanding. Mixers must re-assemble dialog, music and effects to emulate the original project while adapting to

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emulate the original project while adapting to the unique rhythms of the replacement dialog.  Once the mixers are done with their work, our QC team performs, if needed, a second linear QC pass to ensure the highest translation quality.

It’s important to note that a mixer can only be as effective as his/her mixing environment. SPG mix stages were designed and tuned by world-renowned acoustical engineers and outfitted with top-of-the-line speakers, amplifiers and mixing consoles. Whether your project requires Dolby Atmos or simple stereo, every nuance will be brought to life on our stages.



6. Graphic Localization

SPG offers an entire department of designers, animators and VFX Editors who can assist with the localization or enhancement of graphics.


7. Localized Master

SPG’s traffic team ensures that all client delivery and storage specifications are met, including file formatting, labelling, and uploading.