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We help corporations and businesses seamlessly communicate without language barriers. Our consultative approach and commitment to meeting the highest standards of quality and client service, has earned us a reputation as an industry leader. Discover how our customers empowered relationships on a global scale, spoke to new markets, and reduced complexities with our Global Multimedia Localization services.

Headspace localizes global campaign to promote diversity and positivity

Headspace Health, consisting of Headspace, Headspace for Work and Ginger, is the largest global comprehensive provider of mental health and well-being care. Over 70 million members in 190 countries use Headspace services to improve their health and happiness.

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Discover how SaaS company Pipedrive tailored their onboarding and e-learning academy tutorials with video localization in over four languages: Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, French, and German. Onboarding and educational materials are key elements in the product marketing strategy for any B2B SaaS company.

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When companies are targeting new global audiences, it is essential to find a trusted localization provider that has experience with the target language and region. The Channel company turned to localization provider, SPG Studios, to dub their anime series from Japanese to English, enabling them to reach young english-speaking audiences.

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Bridge Multimedia was in search of a full-service localization vendor who could provide unmatchable quality with a fast turnaround time. When searching for dubbing, video localization, media distribution, and video translation services, it was important to Bridge Multimedia that their vendor was able to fit their project timelines and achieve their vision.

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Ben Freer, the Primetime Emmy award nominee for the documentary, McMillion$, opens up about his creative process, how he got into sound design, and his transition into audio post production for television and film.

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