So, you’ve decided that you want to localize your video game. But aren’t sure if you want to go at it yourself or hire professional video game localization services?  Often, large video game companies go through a provider. However, there are pros and cons to both. It depends on many factors. As well as the game itself. So, let’s have a look into both, to help you decide on the best option.


Perhaps you have linguists in-house? Or you would prefer to localize and translate your game with freelancers or in-house for budgeting reasons?

If this is the case, you have to assemble a team to localize your content. By knowing or having in-house native speakers of the target markets you are going after, it will be a lot easier. However, hiring freelance linguists is also an option. But, still more expensive than in-house. Whomever you choose must possess the following:

  • Speaks two languages fluently: The original language of the game content, and the target language.
  • Understanding of the cultural market you are going after.  It isn’t enough to just translate the game dialogue. There are many dialects and cultural nuances, depending on the market.
  • For example, European Portuguese translation and Brazilian Portuguese are very different, and both markets have entirely different cultures. So, it isn’t an option to hire a European Portuguese native speaker for a game intended for the Brazilian market.
  • Is proficient in translation management systems. This software automates the translation process and maximizes translator efficiency.

Bootstrapping pros and cons


  • This option is cheaper than professional video game localization services. However, if you’re hiring freelancers, rather than in-house, it will still be somewhat costly.
  • No research and preparation for finding a localization provider.


  • This option may not provide the best quality results if the freelancer or in-house native speakers are not familiar with the target market.
  • There is not a guarantee of a quality check from more than one native speaker.

Professional Video Game Localization Services


  • A high-quality guaranteed end-results. In addition to quality checks and vetted native speakers, localization companies have a rich experience with the process.
  • Understanding of the target market. Most providers have experience with a range of different markets globally. As a result, other languages can be added seamlessly.
  • Less time spent once you have found your provider. Once you have selected the provider, you will be kept in the loop. However, this option requires less of your time. The main perk of professional video game localization services is that they deal with the nitty-gritty.


  • It is more expensive than bootstrapping

Final takeaways

There are many factors that can influence your decision. If you’re looking for a lower cost, bootstrapping is your best option. In comparison, professional localization services are more expensive.  However, there is a guarantee of quality when going through a provider.

The main point is to choose the option that is best for your game and needs.  The video game industry’s revenue is continually increasing. So, it’s important to participate in this process.

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