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SPG Studios hand-selects native-speaking Spanish and Latin American voice actors to ensure the highest quality localization of your content.

SPG Studios is a one-stop multimedia localization provider offering voiceovers, dubbing, subtitles, and other media translation services. From our headquarters in Los Angeles, and with partners and owned studios globally, we are able to offer the highest quality Spanish voiceovers and dubbing services for your productions.

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Why should you localize your content for Spanish-speaking markets?

Spanish is the third most-spoken language in the world, with over 520 million speakers. There are sufficient differences in the vocabulary, accents, and colloquialisms between regions to make Latin American Spanish (“LATAM” or “LAS”) a distinct dubbing language from European Spanish, which of course includes Spain but also Andorra and Gibraltar.

Whether you are focused on the 400 million speakers in Latin America or a more global reach, Spanish fluency is essential for international organizations. The language’s ubiquity in the western hemisphere creates opportunities to leverage a localization investment to connect with a wide range of customers, train staff, ensure legal compliance, and entertain large audiences.

Voiceovers and Audio Dubbing Services

SPG’s roster of voice talent is hand-selected, to ensure the best results for your Spanish productions. Whether you’re looking for corporate or commercial Spanish voiceover services, SPG guarantees linguistic accuracy with our native-speaking linguists and an extensive quality control process. Our voiceovers and dubbing services expand to a range of industries, from brands, institutions, corporate content, entertainment, video games, and more. There is no task too big or too small that our team can’t handle.

Why choose SPG?

SPG Studios has produced high-quality Spanish localization projects from both our studios in Los Angeles and from in-territory facilities. We have localized e-learning material, marketing and training videos, episodic and theatrical entertainment content, and video games. There’s never a project too big or too small!

Our team recruits the very best linguists to ensure the translated script captures every nuance of your source material. In addition, SPG maintains an extensive database of native-speaking voice actors and directors who deliver a variety of performance styles, making fine-tuned adjustments if lip-sync is required. Whether you participate in casting or leave it to us, your content will come to life with the unique sound and quality it deserves.

Everything we do at SPG revolves around customer satisfaction. We custom design workflows for each and every project to ensure your objectives are met. Whether your priority is a fast turnaround, low pricing, or exceptional quality – or all three! – SPG has the skills and resources to achieve success.

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