Both transcription or translation services are incredibly beneficial services for any content creators looking to maximize their content. However, people tend to get those two different services mixed up and their specific benefits confused. To actually have your video content translated, it will need to be transcribed first, unless you already have the as-recorded script.  Then, it can be used in the video translation process.  So, let’s look into why you should be using transcription and translation services for your video content.

What are transcription and translation services?

  • Transcription is the process of taking the original language audio from a video and converting it to written text.
  • After, you can translate your video based on the original language transcription. There are many options for video translation: Subtitles, voiceovers, and dubbing.

The transcription and translation services process?

  • Often, when you translate a video, you will need a transcription.  However, many won’t perform a full transcription when they have the original script in the original language.  By choosing a company that uses native linguists to transcribe the text, you are guaranteed the most accurate results.
  • In fact, it’s very important that the transcription is done correctly, to ensure the best results for the translation phase!
  • Once you have a transcription, a translator, a native speaker of the target language, can then translate the text. Usually, transcription and translation services ensure a higher quality than simultaneous audio transcription and translation.
  • Lastly, the translation technique that you have chosen will be applied to the video. For example, a voiceover translation can be recorded and matched to the video. Or a subtitler can start matching the translated text to the video.

What are the benefits of transcription and translation services?

A study from Cisco showed that 82% of global Internet traffic will be from video by 2023. With only 20% of the world’s population speaking English, it’s of great importance that you translate your video content. You could be missing out on viewers who will relate to your brand or organization. Not to mention the communities you will reach if you transcribe with captions. Let’s look at some of the benefits.

  1. Transcribing and translating a video can add benefit to a company’s international SEO.
  2. Many watch videos without audio. So, adding transcribed and translated captions and subtitles will increase engagement in your videos.
  3. Reach a new audience and increase sales with translated videos.
  4. Increase accessibility for those in the deaf and hard-of-hearing community by adding closed captions from transcribed audio.

What type of videos should use transcription and translation services?

The answer to this question depends on your specific content. However, many different industries benefit from localization.  Here are some examples:

  • Corporate video translation (marketing videos, training videos)
  • Fitness video translation
  • Educational video translation
  • Blogger video translation
  • Film and TV translation

Those are just a few examples of video content translation. If you’re not sure, contact a translation provider to discuss transcription and translation services for your unique content.

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