Voiceover is a creative and technical post-production process that overlays audio of a new language on top of, or in replacement of, original dialog and/or narration. When performed by expert practitioners like SPG Studios, the end result is a linguistically and culturally authentic reproduction that seamlessly engages the viewer’s attention. The right voiceover can elevate content by adding a storytelling element and can be used to give video or audio content a brand voice. From a commercial point of view, dubbing allows the author of the original content to access new markets while preserving the quality and artistry of their work.

Timed vs. Untimed

Voiceovers falls into two categories, timed and untimed: U.N. Style (Timed) voiceovers are synced to video content and are used as a form of non-lip-sync dubbing. A script is prepared that allows the voiceover artist to time their delivery to specific activity in the video content. U.N. Style voiceovers are used frequently in corporate multimedia, documentaries, and news segments.

Wild (Untimed) voiceovers aren’t synced to video content and have no time restrictions. This style of voiceover is narrative and is reserved for audiobooks, e-learning narration, video games, or radio commercials. With Untimed voiceover, SPG’s linguists have more freedom to use optimal phrasing to convey the full measure of information and ideas contained in the original work.


Of course, even the most carefully prepared script requires the right voice to bring it to life. Using SPG’s proprietary talent database, clients can review dozens of native-speaking voice actors to clients to ensure the right fit for their project. Once in the studio, the selected actors are supported by both a director and a recording sound engineer to ensure the performance captures the essence of the original. When needed, the completed tracks are sent to our in-house team of editors and mixers for additional processing.

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Behind the Scenes

For all the care and attention put into creative work, many clients have equal or greater concerns regarding budget and deadlines. That’s where SPG’s systems, processes, and relationships really shine. Our proprietary software, pro audio gear, Dolby-certified studios, and thousands of relationships developed over 30+ years, enable faster and more flexible voiceover workflows.

High-quality voiceover services

SPG has provided voiceover services in over 50 languages for projects as diverse as feature films, TV shows, documentaries, video games, web content, commercials, radio spots, and e-learning/training videos. (Check out some of our client success stories here.) We serve clients on extremely tight budgets and deadlines, and we work with major Hollywood studios on global blockbusters. No matter what kind of voiceover project you have, we hope you’ll give us the opportunity to demonstrate our expertise!

recording studios

Owned studios worldwide

With owned recording studios and facilities around the world, SPG Studios implements the best technology for content security and sound quality. With global partners and a skilled international team, we can ensure our clients receive the highest quality localization and audio post solutions.

localization services

50+ Languages

SPG Studios only hires highly qualified native-speaking translators and linguists, offering localization services in 50+ languages. Choose from our roster of voice actors or bring your own talent to our headquarters in Los Angeles, or one of our global studio locations.

localization solutions

Simplify your Global Reach

With over 30 years of experience, SPG Studios has gained rich industry-knowledge, and a deep understanding of global markets. We stive for perfection and customer happiness, exceeding expectations with our seamless processes, and one-stop content localization solutions.

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