Japanese to English Anime Dubbing: Localizing for The Olympic Channel

When companies reach out to new global audiences, it is essential they find a trusted localization provider who has not only language experience, but also cultural fluency and extensive production knowledge. That’s why The Olympic Channel turned to SPG Studios to dub their popular anime series “Heroes” from Japanese to North American English.

The original series takes viewers back in time to ancient Greece, following the adventures of a Japanese teenager Mao, who aspires to be a professional athlete. The Olympic Channel’s five-part series was produced in Japan as a Japanese-language series, but its goal from the outset was to appeal to global fans of anime. Given SPG’s track record with Japanese content, and anime in particular, they were a perfect fit for the project.

Japanese to English Localization to reach new markets

Through the art of dubbing anime and localizing to new markets, young people in the English-speaking world now have the opportunity to revel in the adventurous series that explores the history of the Olympic games, the social inequalities of time, and the tradition and history of athletics.

“I want to thank the SPG Studios team for the excellent work dubbing the series. I received nothing but congratulations on the superb quality of the voiceover artist, and the final dubbed result,” said Mariano Amiune, Commissioning Editor at The Olympic Channel.

SPG Studios is a global dubbing company headquartered in Los Angeles, with owned studios and partners in 35 countries. Given SPG’s extensive industry knowledge and a roster of voiceover talent, the company was able to provide unbeatable quality, a quick turnaround time, and skilled North American English voiceover artists to localize the anime series.

“Heroes” is available to stream for free on The Olympic Channel here.

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