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Subtitling is a cost-effective solution to localize video content so it can reach a global audience and engage the deaf and hard-of-hearing community. SPG Studios is a full-service subtitling company with decades of expertise in creating high-quality subtitles in over 50 languages. We are equally comfortable working with clients that have tight budgets, short timelines, and demanding quality standards.


Subtitles that Make Sense

SPG’s global network of linguists understands the unique challenges of translating and displaying subtitles. First and foremost, SPG works exclusively with individuals living in the country where the target language is spoken. There is simply no substitute for knowledge of local idioms and phrasing. For projects focused on a particular subject matter, we take the added step of engaging translators who have specific expertise relevant to the project. The result is culturally authentic subtitles that convey both the meaning and the tone/nuance of the original work.

Even when translation is not involved, it takes specialized training to create effective subtitles. Expressing spoken words as on-screen text requires both “compression” (paraphrasing) and synchronization with visuals. Making these difficult but necessary editorial decisions requires experience and professional judgment. To ensure the absolute highest quality, SPG requires a second subtitler to review the text for accuracy and flow. A separate editor then confirms the placement of the subtitles to ensure the text doesn’t obscure important visuals in the video.

Technical Expertise

SPG has extensive experience with the style and formatting requirements of all major streaming and web publishing platforms, both for “standard-format” subtitles and subtitles for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (SDH). We can also customize the appearance of your subtitles to accommodate a range of fonts, text size and color, and backgrounds.

In terms of file deliverables, SPG routinely works with both “burned-in” formats like MOV, MP4 and AVI, as well as subtitle text file formats such as SRT, SCC and VTT. As the name suggests, burned-in subtitles are permanently displayed on the video, whereas subtitle files are part of an overall media deliverable that can be turned “off” by the viewer.

We also offer transcoding and other delivery services to ensure your subtitled content meets the specifications of your distribution channels.

Want to reach more audiences with your content? SPG offers voiceover services in over 50+ languages. Speak with one of our experts today:

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Owned studios worldwide

With owned recording studios and facilities around the world, SPG Studios implements the best technology for content security and sound quality. With global partners and a skilled international team, we can ensure our clients receive the highest quality localization and audio post solutions.

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50+ Languages

SPG Studios only hires highly qualified native-speaking translators and linguists, offering localization services in 50+ languages. Choose from our roster of voice actors or bring your own talent to our headquarters in Los Angeles, or one of our global studio locations.

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Simplify your Global Reach

With over 30 years of experience, SPG Studios has gained rich industry-knowledge, and a deep understanding of global markets. We stive for perfection and customer happiness, exceeding expectations with our seamless processes, and one-stop content localization solutions.

Speed, Quality & Affordability: yes!

Something special happens when you focus on one thing and do it very well. You not only develop unrivaled expertise, but also systems, processes, and relationships that enable faster and more flexible workflows. To cite one example: SPG’s proprietary subtitling software and secure networking infrastructure allow multiple professionals to work simultaneously on a single project. That drives down both the cost and turnaround time for our clients. So regardless of the urgency of your deadline or the exactitude of your quality standards, SPG is extremely price competitive.

Customer Support

Every project is different. So is every client. SPG account managers take the time to understand your specific requirements in detail. They also remain involved throughout the production process in the event you run into unexpected challenges or need last-minute changes. Our goal is your complete satisfaction – and your repeat business.

Your Trusted Subtitling Partner

For over 30 years, SPG Studios has provided professional subtitling, captioning, and other language services to clients as varied as schools, Fortune 500 companies, tech start-ups, and non-profits. We are particularly proud of the work we’ve done on award-winning projects from HBO, Sony, Fox, Disney, and Netflix. But what’s most important to us is building relationships and sharing our passion for our work.

If you are interested in receiving a quote, please provide us with a brief overview of your project here. We’ll follow-up with a cost-effective solution and a proposed schedule.

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