Video Localization

Our goal is to help broadcast your message the way each audience can resonate with. Our high-quality Video Localization services will offer new audiences an authentic experience with your content.

High-quality Video Localization Services

SPG is ideally set up to broadcast your message to your target audiences in a truly unforgettable way, in any language, and for any platform.

As a localization and post-production studio, SPG offers a wide range of video post-production services that include video editing (Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Final Cut Pro), graphics & on-screen-title localization, screen activity capture, and much more. We tailor all of our localization and post-production solutions to integrate with your production workflows to consistently deliver the highest level of quality.

Video Localization for your content

Our production team, composed of highly skilled linguists, talented colorists, and graphic artists, and multimedia experts, can re-create complex animated graphics and on-screen titles in multiple languages. They will translate, record, localize, edit, and integrate all of the elements in over 50 languages to effectively convey your vision. We are truly a one-stop solution for your localization and post-production needs.

Owned studios worldwide

With owned recording studios and facilities around the world, SPG Studios implements the best technology for content security and sound quality. With global partners and a skilled international team, we can ensure our clients receive the highest quality localization and audio post solutions.

50+ Languages

SPG Studios only hires highly qualified native-speaking translators and linguists, offering localization services in 50+ languages. Choose from our roster of voice actors or bring your own talent to our headquarters in Los Angeles, or one of our global studio locations.

Simplify Your Global Reach

With over 30 years of experience, SPG Studios has gained rich industry knowledge and a deep understanding of global markets. We strive for perfection and customer happiness, exceeding expectations with our seamless processes, and one-stop content localization solutions.

Your Trusted Video Localization Partner

For over 30 years, SPG has provided creative post-production services as well as professional translation and localization services to the biggest companies in the world. We guarantee the linguistic accuracy, unparalleled audio & video quality of our multimedia post-production solutions. Our sole focus is to provide high-quality and expeditious multimedia localization services for all scopes and budgets. If you want to take your vision to the next level and reach a global audience, SPG is your trusted provider to guarantee it is executed authentically and creatively.

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What separates us from the rest?

World-class owned studios and facilities

  • SPG has owned studios, over 45 partner studios, and offices worldwide.

A talented global team

  • Our team is composed of highly skilled professional linguists, talented colorists, graphic artists, and multimedia experts. Therefore, it’s no surprise that our video translation solutions are the best in the industry.

Customer Support

  • We understand that every project is different. So, we offer the support and guidance you need to ensure a seamless experience.

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